Under Construction!  I started Wylie Fitness as a place to share my fitness journey.  I am just getting the site configured, but it will soon have information related to health & wellness, nutrition & recipes, product reviews, and of course, links, articles, and blog entries about my love of triathlon.

Who is James?

I came to love triathlon in 2013.  I realized I was horribly out of shape, overweight, and had to do something to improve my health.  I started running as a method to “get in shape” though honestly, I had no idea what that really meant to me at the time; I just knew it was a better condition than my state at that time.  I completed a 5k run, then a 10k, and then I found triathlon and have been in love with the sport since.  As part of my training adventure, I later completed a half-marathon, full marathon, half-Ironman, and in 2015 completed, Ironman Arizona.

I am now a USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coach, and look forward to helping people identify and achieve their fitness goal.  Sometimes making it to the end of the path isn’t the hard part; the hard part is finding the path in the first place.

Please stay tuned as I had tons of what I hope you will find to be very valuable information.